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ICYMI: Aerosmith, U2’s Tributes to Chris Cornell

Aerosmith and U2 were among the many acts paying special tribute to the late Chris Cornell during their concerts in the wake of his death last week in Detroit. Related posts: Diane Warren Is A Hit Maker WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Edge's Fender Signature Guitar Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash Biopic Starts Production 7 Incredible…

New Van Halen Book On The Way

Another book about Van Halen's early days will be published this year. Related posts: DLR Top Donor For Michael Anthony’s Charity Walk Team Hagar Continues To Push VH Tour With DLR An Ode To Guitar Face Michael Anthony Mourns Death of His Grandson

POLL: Best Track From ‘Pet Sounds’

The Beach Boys’ ethereal Pet Sounds was released 51 years ago today (May 16), and while it’s easily one of the best albums of all time, we thought we’d challenge you by breaking up the album track by track. No related posts.

7 Incredible Live Bono Moments

Bono is always an interesting hot-button discussion for any group of music fans, but even the haters have to admit that live, there’s no touching the U2 frontman.  Related posts: WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Edge's Fender Signature Guitar

Would You Try Pickle Juice Soda?

For some people, pickle juice soda might sound like a magical experience. At Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, this combination is an actuality! Related posts: Claw Machine Fan Collects Toys And Donates To Kids Your Phone’s Apps May Owe You Money! New Disney Makeup Collection is Here! Hitchhiker Used Beer to Pay for Rides, Traveled 5,000…

15 ‘Seinfeld’-isms We Now Use In Everyday Life

Jerry Seinfeld celebrates his birthday today (April 29), and we’re so happy, we feel like dancing! Related posts: Kristen Bell and James Corden Perform a Hilariously Disastrous Duet Don't Worry 'Gilmore Girls' Fans, Lauren, Alexis Aren't Set On The Ending Either TRL Returns to MTV! Sort Of... Watch: The "Dirty Dancing" Remake Looks AMAZING

10 Weird Museums You Need to Visit

Looking for a bizarre place to visit during your summer vacation? No need to search around on where to go! We have already done the hard part for you. Here are 10 weird museums that you need to go to this summer. Trust us, you will not regret one moment! Related posts: Creepy Tourist Attraction:…

Hitchhiker Used Beer to Pay for Rides, Traveled 5,000 Miles

A hitchhiker, determined to make it to India from the UK, managed to travel 5,000 miles to his destination by using beer. Related posts: 5 Ways to Celebrate National Beer Day World's Largest Dinosaur Tracks Found in Australia Creepy Tourist Attraction: Czech Cathedral Made From Human Bones Beer Yoga Is The New Latest Workout Trend…