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07/23/17 Teresa Avery, Executive Director of Autism Delaware

discussed the organization which provides resources and services to families dealing with autism, including the nearly 1,900 students enrolled in public schools, she described the various manifestations of Autism, what is known and unknown about its causes, and the importance of early intervention.  She also discussed volunteer opportunities and the upcoming Blue Jean Ball.  For…
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06/09/17 Dr. Dani Carise, Chief Clinical Officer

of Recovery Centers of America, spoke about Opioid and Heroin addiction, how the US consumes most of the world's opioids, how the addiction cycle begins and the signs and treatments available; also how to help the family suffering with addiction and information about her treatment centers, Recovery Centers of America. For more information click here
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06/11/17 Council for Relationships

The Executive Director of the Council for Relationships, Deb D'Arcangelo, discussed the 85 year old non-profit, which provides low-cost therapy and coping and relationship skills to individuals and families on employment, marriage, divorce and custody, services to veterans and their families on reintegrating into family roles and civilian employment, as well as work with adolescents…
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05/21/17 State of Delaware's Health and Social Services Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Michael Barbieri,  Director of the State of Delaware's Health and Social Services Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, discussed his office and the services it provides, including drug and alcohol treatment services for adults, screening and evaluation; outpatient counseling and opioid treatments including methadone maintenance; he spoke about the growing opioid addiction crisis, the…
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05/14/17 Historic Philadelphia, Incorporated

Amy Needle, President and Executive Director of Historic Philadelphia discussed the upcoming summer season of events for the historic center city Philadelphia sites , Franklin Square and Valley Forge Park, the return of Once Upon a Nation storytellers throughout the city, Flag Day events at the Betsy Ross House, and other free or low cost…
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05/07/17 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

Marianne McGerty Sieber, and Investigator with the agency discussed its duties in overseeing product safety, including imports, recalls and complaints; she offered summer safety tips for pools, fireworks and sports as well as info on making sure your flea market treasures are treasures!   You can get all of her tips and info about recalls…
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