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19 hours ago

Low blood sugar makes couples more aggressive – The Chart – CNN.com Blogs

You’ve heard the term “hangry,” right? People who are hungry often report being unreasonably angry until they’re fed. “Hangry” is a relatively new buzz word, but science is backing it up.


20 hours ago

Man found passed out in fast-food drive-thru in Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington Police have arrested a man passed out behind the wheel in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant after allegedly finding a loaded gun in the car.


2 days ago

The Grumpy Point: When A Man Turns 70 : The Protojournalist : NPR

For many older men, life gets better and better – until it gets worse.


2 days ago

Taylor Swift Surprised A Fan At Her Bridal Shower

The two have become pretty friendly since Gena, the fan, has been to so many T. Swift events.


2 days ago

‘Tax exempt’ Nahshon Shelton allegedly pulls submachine gun over 22-cent sales tax – UPI.com

Chicago man Nahshon Shelton didn’t want to pay 22 cents tax on his $1.79 bottle of soda so he pulled a .22 caliber submachine gun and said he was “tax exempt.”


3 days ago

Darwin’s Claim of Universals in Facial Expression Not Challenged 

Lisa Feldman Barrett’s Feb. 28 New York Times op-ed seeks to undermine the science showing universality in the interpretation of facial expressions. We feel compelled to respond so that the public is not misled and is apprised of the broader, Darwin-…


3 days ago

County Renames Easter Bunny as ‘Spring Bunny’ in Parks’ Egg Hunt Promotion

San Diego County parks have set four Easter egg hunts, but are keeping the affairs secular by renaming the featured hopper the “Spring Bunny.”


3 days ago

Tori Spelling’s True Tori Show Clip Teases Affair, Sex Scandal

Watch the dramatic promo for Tori Spelling’s new docu-series, True Tori, about her marriage crisis with Dean McDermott

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