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Healthy Kids Day 5k & Walk

Join Charlie's Crew for the YMCA's Healthy Kids Day 5K and Walk with proceeds benefiting The Healthy Kids Day Community Event!

Nov 2011

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* 11/8/11 - 12/24/11

Socks for Seniors

ach year Socks for Seniors hosts it's annual Sock Drive along with Community Leaders and Volunteers. Families throughout the United States became involved with the Socks for Seniors project in 2002. Since that time the Socks for Seniors sock drive has grown tremendously and has become a nationwide network. Community organizations across America are embracing it by volunteering, sponsoring sock hops and becoming involved in distributions. The Socks for Seniors program is a feel-good, low-cost Holiday project. A project that an entire family - whole community or seniors themselves can participate in.
11/8/11 - 1/1/12

Delaware Native Ale

For the first time in almost 50 years, the mill at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center has ground a consumable product – barley -- that is one of the key ingredients in Delaware Native Ale, a limited-time ale released by Dogfish Head Brewery on Oct. 31. “We offer ‘Running of the Mill’ demonstration days each month so that visitors can better understand what the mill was like in its heyday, in the 18th century,” says center manager Jason Beale. “But this was the first time in almost half a century that our mill roared back to life to produce grain that would be used in a food or beverage.” On a mid-September day, a team of millers that included Elliott Workman, Stephen Childers and Paul Layton ground barley at the mill, which is operated by the Delaware Nature Society and owned by the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs. Four hundred pounds of malted barley was run through the roller mill, which removed the bran and exposed the germ within. “I’ve seen the mill equipment run many times during our Running of the Mill program, but it was amazing to see the equipment actually grinding grain,” notes Beale. Other local partners on Delaware Native Ale include the University of Delaware, whose scientists isolated the wild yeast used in the ale; and Fifer Orchards, which provided peach and pear juices as well as the setting to collect the yeast. Dogfish Head has supported Abbott’s Mill Nature Center in a variety of ways. Most recently, the brewery donated empty 55-gallon barrels to the center. These barrels will be used in a “Make and Take Rain Barrel” program. “We appreciate Dogfish Head’s generosity to Abbott’s Mill Nature Center and their commitment to sustainability and community,” says Beale.
11/8/11 - 11/18/11

Let's Talk About Bullying

Bullying is the topic for New Castle County Libraries’ annual “Let’s Talk About” program this month. Each year, the “Let’s Talk About” series focuses on a timely and challenging issue with the goal of creating a community-wide exchange of resources, ideas and solutions. “Bullying is a serious issue that we must all work together to eradicate from our schools, workplaces, the Internet – wherever it takes place,” said County Executive Paul Clark. “I encourage everyone to take advantage of these important presentations and to do what they can to promote bully-free environments.” • “Bullying: From the Schoolyard to the Boardroom” is the first of two major presentations. Judith Vessey, a professor in the Boston College School of Nursing, will be the guest speaker Nov. 7 at 7 pm at the Brandywine Hundred Library, 1300 Foulk Road, Wilmington. Her research focuses on the effect of chronic bullying on the psychological and physical health of children and adolescents. Her more recent research includes bullying and violence in the workplace. • “An Anti-Bullying Forum: Bullying in the Digital Age” will be held November 16 at 7pm at the Woodlawn Library, 2020 W. Ninth Street, Wilmington. Panel members include Patricia Dailey Lewis, deputy attorney general in the Delaware Department of Justice and director of its Family Division; Kelly Green, a counselor at Elbert Palmer Elementary School; Christine F. Schaub, Legal Administrative Assistant Vocational Instructor at Howard High School of Technology; Tiffany Smith, a student at Howard High School of Technology; and Senior Corporal Amy Kevis of the New Castle County Police Community Policing division. • Students from the Legal Assisting Career Area at Howard High School of Technology will present the interactive program “Bullying: Stand Up! Don’t Just Stand By!” The program offers skills development through role-playing for children, teens and parents. Howard High was the first school in Delaware to declare itself a “Bully Free Zone.” Programs for Elementary School Children: Kirkwood Library, Monday, November 7, 4pm; New Castle Library, Thursday, November 10, 4pm. Programs for Teens: Woodlawn Library, Wednesday, November 9, 4pm; Bear Library, Wednesday, November 16, 4pm; New Castle, Thursday, November 17, 4pm. For more information visit or call the libraries: Bear – 302-838-3300; Brandywine Hundred – 302-477-3150; Kirkwood – 302-995-7663; New Castle – 302-328-1995; Woodlawn – 302-571-7425.
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