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Healthy Kids Day 5k & Walk

Join Charlie's Crew for the YMCA's Healthy Kids Day 5K and Walk with proceeds benefiting The Healthy Kids Day Community Event!

Nov 2011

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11/2/11 - 11/2/11

2011 CityLife Winners Ceremony

Wilmington Renaissance Corporation (WRC) announced the winners for the 2011 CityLife Award. Each year, the event recognizes a distinct group of unsung heroes in Wilmington for their contributions to the community in five categories. “The nominations highlighted some of the great individuals and partners throughout the community and the work they are doing,” Carrie W. Gray, WRC Managing Director, said. “The selection committee was impressed with the variety of nominations for this year’s awards and it made their decision difficult. The winners are definitely very deserving individuals, organizations and partnerships. It is our honor to celebrate their achievements.” The following are the winners of the 2011 CityLife Awards: Wilmingtonian of the Year--The Reverend Canon Lloyd S. Casson Entrepreneur of the Year--Hal Real Rising Star of the Year--Urban Bike Project Partnership of the Year--West Side Grows Neighbor/Neighborhood of the Year--Cool Spring/Tilton Neighborhood The awards ceremony to honor the winners will take place Tuesday, Nov. 1 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Public House Wilmington. Attendees will enjoy smooth sounds from Billy and Ryan Logue, hors d’oeuvres, select beer and wine and an exciting silent auction along with the awards presentation. Complimentary parking for the event will be available in HyPark Garage at 913 N. Shipley Street. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at For more details, visit
11/2/11 - 2/14/12

Adult Yoga Programs

MULTI-LEVEL YOGA Vigorous exercise designed to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and even sweat. Class will be designed for multiple fitness levels but be prepared to get a good workout while you learn the subtleties of yoga and relax your mind. Please bring your own yoga mat and wear form fitting clothes. Classes will be held on Mondays from 5:15-6:30pm at the Wilson Center beginning Nov 21st-Feb 13th and Feb 27th-Apr 30th, 2012. Registration fee is $101 and the Newark resident discount fee is $83. GENTLE YOGA Designed to be therapeutic by safely promoting joint and back health and alignment. Reduce the aches and pains of age by increasing motions for day to day life. Participants in any exercise program should always make sure exercise is approved by their doctor. Please bring your own yoga mat and a beach towel and wear form fitting clothing. Classes are held Mondays from 7-8:15pm from Nov 21st-Feb 13th and Feb 27th-Apr 30th, 2012 at the Newark Senior Center. Registration fee is $101 and the Newark resident discount fee is $83. TUESDAY MORNING YOGA Yoga is about relaxing the mind and strengthening the body. This is a traditional Iyengar Style class that offers proper body alignment and detailed instruction in yoga poses. Students will be able to work at their own levels to learn yoga and to exercise in a way that will promote feeling good in day to day activities. Please bring your own yoga mat and a beach towel and wear form fitting clothing. Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 8:30-9:45am beginning Nov 22nd-Jan 31st and Feb 7th-Apr 10th, 2012 at the George Wilson Center. Fee is $101 and the Newark resident discount fee is $83. EVENING YOGA The ancient practice of yoga is a combination of exercises, breathing and meditation techniques. It has long been an effective way of relieving emotional stress, stretching and toning the body and connecting with yourself. It energizes and refreshes, improves circulation and promotes mental clarity and concentration. Participants should wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm at the Newark Senior Center from Oct 5th-Dec 21st and Jan 11th-Mar 21st, 2012. Fee is $81 and the Newark resident discount fee is $64. MORNING YOGA* -The term “restorative yoga” refers both to the restoration of health & rejuvenation, but also to the correction of poor posture and musculoskeletal misalignment. Instructor will guide beginners and continuing beginners through each class which includes warm-ups, standing, sitting postures and guided relaxation/meditation. Instructor has a renowned approach to teaching HATHA YOGA to any age or ability through the use of props that will be provided (belts, blocks, chairs, etc.). Please bring your own yoga mat and wear form-fitting yoga clothes (as opposed to loose, baggy or anything that hangs away from the body). *Students who find getting up and down from the floor difficult can be accommodated in this class by using a folding chair. By doing modified postures which will be directed as each student requires, you may still participate fully in Morning Yoga. Please inform the instructor on the first day of class if you wish to do “Chair Yoga”. Classes are held on Friday mornings from 9-10:30am at the George Wilson Center beginning Sept 23rd-Dec 2nd. Fee is $101 and the Newark resident discount fee is $83. For more information contact the Recreation Office at 302-366-7060 or register online at .
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12/13/01 - 5/16/14
3/3/10 - 3/5/12
1/2/11 - 1/1/16
2/12/11 - 12/12/11
3/12/11 - 7/22/12
4/20/11 - 1/1/12
4/30/11 - 7/22/12
6/1/11 - 12/31/11
10/2/11 - 2/18/12
10/20/11 - 1/1/12
10/30/11 - 1/9/12
11/1/11 - 1/1/12
11/2/11 - 2/14/12
11/4/11 - 12/22/11
11/8/11 - 12/24/11
11/8/11 - 1/1/12
11/10/11 - 1/9/12
11/11/11 - 1/1/12
11/18/11 - 2/24/12
11/20/11 - 12/2/11
11/20/11 - 6/21/12
11/20/11 - 12/16/11
11/20/11 - 1/9/12
11/25/11 - 1/1/12
11/26/11 - 12/1/11
11/27/11 - 1/23/12