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Healthy Kids Day 5k & Walk

Join Charlie's Crew for the YMCA's Healthy Kids Day 5K and Walk with proceeds benefiting The Healthy Kids Day Community Event!

Jan 2012

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* 1/21/12 - 3/17/12

DART Poster Contest

“Don’t Text and Drive! Commute Smart, Ride DART” is the theme for DART First State’s 12th Annual Transit Poster Contest. Open to school-age children Grades 6 through 12, the contest is designed to encourage students to learn more about public transportation and its benefits, as well as the chance to see their artwork featured by DART First State in various advertisements, promotions, or displays. With statewide efforts and local communities continuing to educate on the dangers of texting, or using the phone while driving, DART wants to use the opportunity to inform and promote the advantages of using public transit. Increased awareness of Delaware’s Public Transit system informs new and current commuters, that riding DART can be a wise choice. Posters must be submitted by March 16, 2012 to DART First State Poster Contest; Marketing Dept.; 119 Lower Beech Street; Wilmington, DE 19805. Prizes and certificates will be provided by DART First State and its business partners. Interested schools are being asked to conduct the contest within the appropriate grade levels at the school, and forward the entries to DART First State for judging. Individuals who wish to enter apart from their school may do so as long as they are in grades 6 through 12. For details and contest instructions, please call (302) 576.6016, or visit DART’s website at
* 1/21/12 - 2/13/12

Polar Bear Plunge Donations

Can't Bear to take the plunge? Why not do the next best thing. Wawa is selling paper bears at the checkout counter for just $1, with all proceeds supporting Delaware's 3,500 Special Olympics athletes. So the next time you "Gotta have a Wawa" be sure to ask the cashier if you can "buy a Bear." This promotion, which runs from now until Feb. 12, is part of Wawa's sponsorship of the Lewes Polar Bear Plunge. The only thing better than a cup of coffee or scrumptious sandwich is knowing you are supporting a great cause! So stop by a Wawa today, buy a bear, and make a difference in your community. For more information about the Polar Bear Plunge visit
1/21/12 - 1/21/12

FREE Spaghetti Dinner hosted OneRunTogether

This dinner will be delicious and free for all! Register online at: All proceeds benefit local cancer patients to help them pay medical bills!
* 1/21/12 - 2/18/12

DCH Bare Root Tree Sale

The Delaware Center for Horticulture's Bare Root Tree Sale kicks off its spring bare root tree sale, with orders due Feb. 17, just in time for Valentine’s Day. For this sale, every order also receives four free tickets to the Delaware Home Show. Tickets can be redeemed at the Wilmington show on March 3 & 4 or at the Dover show on March 23 & 24. Ten varieties of trees that thrive in our region’s towns and cities will be available. TheDCH remains the only retail source in the State that sells bare root trees. To learn more about what’s special about bare root trees, and to see a list of available trees and descriptions, visit Pre-paid orders can be picked up at TheDCH on March 21 or 22. A free tree planting workshop will also be offered at TheDCH on March 21 from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. For best results, trees should be planted as soon as possible to prevent the roots from drying out. Trees can be stored in a cool shady spot until you are ready to plant. Plan ahead to settle new trees in the ground by March 30.
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