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1 month ago

Imperial March Soothes Crying Baby

I figured out the Imperial March calms my son when he is crying. #parentingdoneright


1 month ago

Siri drops sick beats when you ask her to beatbox

Someone at Apple has been teaching Siri new skills. The digital assistant now knows a thing or two about the fine art of beatboxing.


1 month ago

This farmer gets the best revenge on cars parked on his land

We’re not sure what nearby attraction with limited parking created the problem, but this farmer is sick of people using his land as an overflow lot.

Sporting News

1 month ago

Tom Brady has never had coffee before, and we find that odd

Tom Brady continues to amaze – and confuse – us.


1 month ago

Little Boy Only Laughs At Donkeys

that laugh makes me laugh


1 month ago

This Clydesdale Horse Already Has The Best Photobomb Of 2016

This little girl did not know what was coming.

The Billings Gazette

1 month ago

Officials agree to slaughter 600 to 900 Yellowstone bison this winter

Federal and state partners have agreed to try to reduce Yellowstone National Park’s bison population by 600 to 900 animals this winter through hunting and culling.


1 month ago

911 dispatcher demoted for playing video games on the job

A 911 dispatcher was demoted for playing video games instead of saving lives! Rob Smith (@robsmithonline) has the scoop about who you DON’T want to answer your emergency call.

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