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FOX Sports

14 hours ago

Eli Manning dubbed ‘Penguin Boy’ in hilarious closed-captioning mishap

Penguin Boy completed 23 of his 32 passing attempts on the day.

Rolling Stone

6 days ago

Sarah Palin Talks Donald Trump’s Success, Louis C.K. Apology

“[Trump’s] not a politician, thank the lord. People are just really tired of the status quo,” former vice presidential candidate said


7 days ago

Watch Out America, McDonald’s Japan Is Releasing a 48-Piece McNugget Meal

In case you’re counting, and even if you’re not, this bucket of 48 nuggets clocks in at well over two thousand calories total. But who’s counting? Seriously, don’t count.

NBC News

2 weeks ago

Couple Searches For Missing 200-Pound Tortoise

A Florida couple say they’re desperate to find their beloved 200-pound pet tortoise. WBBH’s Gabrielle Shirley reports.

Foursum Golf

2 weeks ago

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Opens New Golf Facility [Video]

Waiting for a flight just got a bit more fun at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The airport just opened a huge golfing area, includ …

The Huffington Post

2 weeks ago

This App Will Play Nickelback If You Try To Contact Your Ex

No ex is worth listening to Nickelback. No ex.

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