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Thought Catalog

3 weeks ago

23 Productive Life Hacks You Can Use Every Day To Save Time

Here are some productivity techniques to help you save precious time.


3 weeks ago

Jack the Ripper ID’d through DNA Traces

Jack the Ripper, one of the most notorious serial killers in history, has been identified through DNA traces found on a shawl, claims a sleuth.


3 weeks ago

Who’s Your Favorite Musician or Band?

In a new Harris poll, Americans of all ages and backgrounds were asked who their favorite musician or band was, and the winner’s are ….


3 weeks ago

19 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes To Start Making Now

You’ll rule Halloween with these costumes…. If you can finish them in time.

MSN Living

3 weeks ago

7 cures for a case of the Mondays

Use these tricks to set a better tone for the rest of the week.

Business Insider

3 weeks ago

Dog Breeds That Live The Longest

Big and small, mutts and purebreds, here are some canine breeds that will spend more time on Earth with you.

MSN Healthy Living

1 month ago

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Is it typical adolescent behavior or a potential bullying problem? These clues may help you decipher your child’s actions.


1 month ago

DWTS adds ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Sadie Robertson to the Season 19 Roster

There is a “Duck Dynasty” “DWTS” connection in the works for season 19.

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