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Fox News

4 weeks ago

Five habits that will ruin your car

While neglecting your car may seem harmless in the short term, regular neglect and mistreatment will add up and will reduce your car’s lifespan. 

MSN Video

4 weeks ago

Mistakes Pet Owners Make

We LOVE our pets; they’re family, and here are some tips to help keep all members of the family happy and healthy.

MSN Healthy Living

4 weeks ago

The Surprising Foods Making You Sick

One of these common items might be the culprit behind your discomfort.

Mail Online

4 weeks ago

Eating Fruits and Veggies Can Helps Prevent Depression

A new study has found a person’s mental well being may be closely linked to how much fresh produce they eat.  


4 weeks ago

Skip Breakfast?

The belief that we won’t have our get-up-and-go unless we down our Cheerios has turned the concept of eating upon rising into a die-hard dietary rule. “Lots of people who skip breakfast or practice intermittent fasting are healthy too,” says Dr. John Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition.


4 weeks ago

Pharrell’s Latest Fashion Collaboration: Train-Shaped Handbags

Pharrell’s growing fashion empire includes an accessories collaboration with Moynat, a French leather goods brand, and features handbags in the shape of classic trains. Conductor hats not included!


4 weeks ago

Your Cheat Sheet for OTC Pain Pills

The simplicity and effectiveness of pain medications has made them a staple of home health care. But there are differences among all the products that line multiple shelves at the pharmacy. Here’s how to select the right product for you and your aches.  

MSN Living

4 weeks ago

The Best Doughnut Chains in America

Fact: Everybody loves doughnuts. And if they tell you they don’t, they’re lying. These are the best chain doughnut shops in America.

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