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2 months ago

‘SATC’ Costume Designer Creates Line of Foot Panties

Foot panties are real, and thanks to Patricia Field, the costume designer for Sex and the City, the affordable lingerie for your toes is the next big thing .


2 months ago

Gas Prices Poised for a Steep Drop

Average gas price is down 6 cents in just the last week, but a big drop to less than $2 could be coming soon.


2 months ago

Every Oreo Cookie Flavor, Ranked

Other than craft beer in a can, the Bachelorette, and the NFL, there is no greater American invention than the Oreo. But every Oreo is not created equal. There are actually a stunning 25 flavors, some of which bear little to no resemblance to the cookie your grandparents loved.

The Huffington Post

2 months ago

11 Things You Didn’t Know You Shouldn’t Put in the Dishwasher

The beauty of a dishwasher is that you can just toss everything in it after dinner, let it run, and sit back and relax, right? Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case. The rough cycle that gets your plates and bowls sparkling clean can do some kitchen equipment more harm than good.


2 months ago

16 Attempts at Baking a Cake that Went Horribly Wrong

These cakes attempted to recreate an animal or a famous character, but didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Yahoo Finance

2 months ago

25 Common American Customs that are Considered Offensive in other Countries

There are a number of customs and gestures that Americans use without thinking twice.


2 months ago

10 Best U.S. Cities to Visit with the Kids

From Orlando to L.A., here are the best U.S. cities to travel with kids.

Elite Daily

2 months ago

The Age Of The Millennial: 6 Reasons Why The 90s Really Were All That

Life was simpler and free.

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