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Elite Daily

2 weeks ago

Why Mothers Are Still (And Always Will Be) Superwomen

We realize our mothers won’t always be around, but they will always be our moms.

The Huffington Post

2 weeks ago

9 Secrets Your Flight Attendant May Be Burning To Tell You

We’re infatuated with life in the skies — and all the myth-busting that comes along with it. Who would’ve guessed that dim lights are meant to prep you for evacuation, or that those airline blankets aren’t always freshly washed?  


2 weeks ago

Cake Artist Makes Amazingly Realistic Creations

A Bay-area cake designer is getting attention for her realistic desserts that look like anything but cake.

The Daily Meal

2 weeks ago

Coke and 8 More of the World’s Most Closely Guarded Recipes

Take a visual tour of some of icon foods whose recipes remain under lock and key.


2 weeks ago

Woman Embezzles, Thinking Cancer Will Kill her Before Being Caught

CANCER patient, Shirley Player, stole £400,000 when she thought she was dying. Now she has been jailed after getting caught.


2 weeks ago

10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Flying

You probably won’t contract Ebola on an airplane, but with everyone sneezing and everything from fecal matter to MRSA hiding in the passenger cabin, there are plenty of other ways to get sick. Here are 10 tricks to stay healthy when flying.


2 weeks ago

The World’s Most Beautifully Colored Bodies of Water

Feast your eyes on some of these awesome sights!


2 weeks ago

5 Ways Fall Can Make You Sick

It’s not just the impending flu season you need to worry about

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