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1 week ago

10 Remodeling Projects You Shouldn’t DIY

Home remodeling is on the rise. It can be satisfying to complete a DIY home project (and save money!), but some projects are best left to the professionals.  


1 week ago

A New Twist on Family Game Night Classics

Looking for the best board games? Competitive clans reviewed and loved these new twists on old favorites. Game on. Way on.


1 week ago

Boy Imitates ‘Dirty Dancing’ Moves

Well, somebody’s having the time of his life!  And thanks to a new viral video, we are too. In it, 8-year-old Charlie perfectly imitates Patrick Swayze!


1 week ago

Five Tasty Ways to Turn Foods Black for Halloween

When you think of Halloween, you might think of mysterious black (and harvest orange). But while nature provides plenty of orange-colored foods for festivities, ebony foods are a little more unusual.

NY Daily News

1 week ago

Hallmark and the UP Network are Ready for Christmas!

Man your battle stations, elves. The Christmas war is on. The turf is your TV screen and the time is imminent.

The Daily Meal

1 week ago

101 Best Food Trucks in America 2014

Food trucks seem to be all the rage these days, and they’re popping up in all the major cities. Next time you go to San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles or Washington, DC, check out one of the trucks that made the list.  A couple in Philadelphia also made the grade.

Elite Daily

1 week ago

Parents Create Awesome Halloween Costumes Out Of Kids’ Wheelchairs

These parents are responsible for making awesome Halloween costume ideas for their kids that allow them to use their wheelchairs.

The Huffington Post

2 weeks ago

How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

Planning a wedding, though lovely and romantic, can be a very stressful process… and there are a few things you as a guest can do to make life a little easier on the happy couple.

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