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MSN Video

3 months ago

Hidden Messages in Logos

Famous logos often contain hidden messages in the artistry of their graphics. Can you find the special meanings in these familiar logos?


3 months ago

Outrageous Nails: International – They’re Mani-fique!

From Sao Paulo to Sydney, check out the most outrageous nails spotted on fashion runways around the world.


3 months ago

7 Random, Amazing and Funny Things You Didn’t Know About Laughter

Consider this your excuse to watch a hilarious YouTube video, stat.

Elite Daily

3 months ago

The Power of ‘Thank You’

We hear it constantly: “Successful people engage in the practice of daily gratitude.”

MSN Living

3 months ago

Backyard envy: Easy Ideas You Should Steal

Every day is a garden party in Kelly Moore Clark’s backyard, which blooms with fun, fresh ideas. Steal some of her gardening tips to transform your backyard from bland to beautiful.

NBC News

3 months ago

ROFL: The FBI’s Exhaustive List of Twitter Shorthand Is Hilarious

Are you left bewildered by the alphabet soup of acronyms and slang used on Twitter and other popular Internet watering holes? You are not alone!


3 months ago

7 Ways to Rethink Your Underused Rooms

There is a cure for the scourge of wasted space: rethink your rooms!

MSN Living

3 months ago

20 Things You Might Not Know about Disney’s ‘Frozen’

So … how well do you and the kids know this movie? Let’s see.

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