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1 month ago

The Trendiest Foods for 2015

Here’s a look at what goes into forecasting food trends, and what culinary curiosities are likely to catch on in the year ahead


1 month ago

Secondhand Smoke Causes Weight Gain

The decades-old belief that smoking cigarettes keeps you slim is being challenged by new research that has found exposure to secondhand smoke can cause weight gain.

AOL Article

1 month ago

Man charged $3,750 for wine he thought cost … $37.50

Well, this guy definitely has something to whine about!  


1 month ago

Great Vacation? Don’t Brag to Your Friends

When you rush to tell your friends about your amazing experience, they will crowd around you, eager for every delicious detail, right? Wrong.


1 month ago

Where to Go for Thanksgiving This Year

Dare to be different this Turkey Day.  Instead of dealing with the family and slogging through a huge meal, go somewhere exciting!


1 month ago

What Your Birth Month Says About You

See the surprising trends for Fall babies, Winter children, Spring bundles of joy and Summer kiddos.


2 months ago

The #1 Reason Women Skip the Gym

Ever planned to hit the gym and then just…didn’t? You’re not alone.


2 months ago

How Verizon and AT&T are Using Us

Verizon and AT&T are tracking cell phone users’ online activity by deploying so-called “supercookies.” Critics call them an attack on privacy.

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