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Fox News

1 month ago

5 Apps that Will Make You Say ‘Wow!’

If you can dream it, there is an app for that. Much like any other crowd, there are certain ones that stand out; they challenge the norm. Here’s a list of the latest apps that use your smartphone or tablet in a way you can hardly believe.

MSN Autos

1 month ago

Best Used Cars for Teens

Safe, cheap and reliable used cars for new drivers.


1 month ago

Reasons Why You Secretly Can’t Wait For Summer To End

Time to say Buh-bye to bikini season and late sunsets … or maybe you’re ready for it all to end.


1 month ago

Ways to Tell if Someone Is Lying

A pair of flaming trousers (or a growing nose, à la Pinocchio) isn’t the only sign that a person is spewing falsehoods. Here, five experts teach you how to smoke out a fibber.

MSN Entertainment

1 month ago

Who are the World’s Highest-Paid Models of 2014?

Year after year since 2002, Gisele Bundchen has made more money than any other model in the world. At 34, she’s still outpacing the likes of Doutzen and Adriana.

International Business Times UK

1 month ago

Taylor Swift’s Big Announcement Via Live Stream

Taylor Swift Live Stream 2014 is scheduled for 5:00 pm Eastern Time this afternoon. Will the singer announce a release date of her new album or upcoming tour?


1 month ago

Perfect ’90s Comebacks

If you have a sibling, you get a chuckle … and maybe an idea or two … from these famous retorts from the ’90’s.


1 month ago

Jet Skier Accidentally Runs Over Humpback Whale

A jet skier in Iceland inadvertently filmed himself making contact with a humpback whale, by accidentally running over the huge ocean mammal. Jet-Skier and whale are doing fine.

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