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1 month ago

Frankenfruit – It’s a Gourd Thing!

Food prices are high, but for the $100 watermelons and pumpkins Tony Dighera grows organically in Fillmore, California, demand is outstripping supply.

Elite Daily

1 month ago

Don’t Be A Pushover: To Whom Should You Say ‘No’

Most people these days are having a hard time saying no. We seem to put other people’s happiness and convenience over our own.


1 month ago

True Facts about Hollywood Celebrities

Here are some interesting tid-bits about certain celebrities that just might surprise you!

MSN Living

1 month ago

10 Foods We’ll Never Get to Eat Again

We took a quick tour through the decades and discovered some incredible, long-lost finds. While we remembered (fondly) some foods, there were a few that we had never realized

MSN Video

1 month ago

Downton Season 5 is Nigh

The Downton Cast is all ready for Season 5, and here they are teasing it!


1 month ago

7 Foods That Boost Your Memory

Give your brain the kick it needs!

Elite Daily

1 month ago

Would You Buy a Jar of Kevin Spacey’s Breath?

Someone in Canada is selling one such thing – for some odd reason – on Craigslist.


1 month ago

A Maryland Middle School Teacher Wins Big on Wheel of Fortune!

Watch Sarah Manchester, a middle school math teacher, become the third person ever in the history of Wheel of Fortune to win $1 million!

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