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17 hours ago

Reasons to Never Give Up, Even When You Can’t See The Finish Line

Sometimes we feel like we have nothing left to give, and no matter how hard we try we keep hitting road blocks that seem to hold us back.


2 days ago

Belgian Hotel Lets You Spend The Night In A Human Colon

This has to be the epitome of a weird destination for a weekend getaway.


4 days ago

Ever Wonder About the Origins of Popular Phrases?

The history hoaxers are at it again. On the heels of “Life in the 1500s”-the viral email filled with phony phrase etymologies-comes another popular email loaded with even bigger whoppers. This time it’s called “Little History Lesson” and it purports to trace common sayings back to 18th century customs. Here are the tall tales and […]


1 week ago

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Wanna know what beauty products and secrets Celebrities are into this Spring?  Check this out!


1 week ago

A Long, Very Cold Winter

This was the first Winter since I bought Piglet, in 2007, that she was relegated to storage for the entire month of January and February and the better  part of March. Needless to say, it was nice to finally get back into 2-wheeling.  I had forgotten how much of a wonderful attitude adjustment Piglet travel […]


2 weeks ago

Tired of Fussing Around with Bra Straps?

I stumbled upon this particular type of bra strap concealer quite by accident in, I believe, a Solutions catalog.  It looked interesting, and I wasn’t happy with the other bra-strap concealers I had “seen on TV” and purchased.  At $14 for 1, Tweakerz isn’t cheap, but boy, does it work!  It’s adjustable and low-profile, so […]


3 weeks ago

Ohio 8-year-old Pays it Forward

The stories that Steve Hartman of CBS News does touch my heart.  Take this one, about a youngster who finds $20; initially, he thought he might buy a video game, but, he changed his mind when he saw the guy in uniform


3 weeks ago

Eloquent Words from Angelina Jolie

I recently read an interview with the Mom, Actress, Director, Humanitarian and Ambassador in E Weekly and thought this part of the Q & A was quite poignant. EW:  There’s a part of our society that just likes to hate – we like to make villans out of people. AJ:   It feels like memories of […]

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