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1 week ago

55 Restaurants That Give You Free Food on Your Birthday

Waking up on your birthday to well wishes and good vibes from all the people who remembered is fantastic. But what if all your favorite national chain restaurants remembered too?


1 week ago

What Not to Buy at Target and Walmart

You may want to rethink what you buy at these discount superstores.


2 weeks ago

24 Celebrities Who Look So Similar It’s … Weird

Creepy clones or delightful doppelgängers?


2 weeks ago

The Meaning of Every Rose Color

When it comes to giving roses on Valentine’s Day, color matters!


2 weeks ago

Six Flags Renames New 4-D Coaster after Comic Book Supervillain

Watch out Batman and Superman, Six Flags Great Adventure’s coaster will be named after an iconic supervillain.


2 weeks ago

You Have Only Four True Friends on Facebook

Only a few of your Facebook acquaintances are true friends according to a new Oxford study.


2 weeks ago

Super Bowl 50: CBS Tackles Digital Audiences And Live-Streamed Ads

The playing field may look familiar to the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers when they meet February 7 during Super Bowl 50, but the network broadcasting the event will face a new set of circumstances.

Fox News

2 weeks ago

Weird Natural Wonders You Won’t Believe are Real

From Mexico’s Cave of Crystals to waves frozen in time, these natural formations will make you look twice.

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