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Dallas Green, Delaware Native, Dies at 82

Dallas Green, who would eventually lead the Philadelphia Phillies to their first World Series title, passed away yesterday at the age of 82. Green, a Delaware native also attended the University of Delaware.

SUV Transforms To Get You OVER Traffic!

I want one of these! Imagine zipping over traffic while on your way to the beaches this summer.  That would be awesome right? Introducing the "Hum Rider" complete with hydrolic wheels that raise the vehicle OVER traffic so you can cruise no matter how bad the traffic is.  This looks like something out of Inspector…

Wilmington Issues Refunds For Right Turn On Red "Offenders"

It feels great when you go to the mailbox and there's letters in it just for YOU! What's not so great is when one of those "letters" is a ticket from the city after you were photographed from one of those red light cameras.  What makes it worse is when you didn't realize you were…

Philly D.A. Seth Williams Indicted On Federal Charges

The Federal Government believes Seth Williams has been up to no good.  In fact, they want to see him behind bars for a long time. It's alleged that Mr. Williams repeatedly sold his influence over legal cases in exchange for money...a lot of money.  The D.A. has also been accused of stealing over $20 thousand…

LIST: 2017 Record Store Day - Classic Rock Titles

The big list of all Record Store Day releases has finally been unveiled to the public. (Find a participating store at Here’s a gathering of all the classic rock titles that will be available at a record shop near you on April 22: