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5 Things U Need To Know

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  1. A man who operated a Dover Mall cell phone repair kiosk and lived in the city last year was the alleged financier of what federal prosecutors say was a terrorist plot to fly two other suspects to Syria to join the Islamic State fighters. Abror Habibov, 30, was arraigned Wednesday in Jacksonville, Florida, and held without bail.
  2.    House Republicans have agreed to provide short-term funding to avoid a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. Legislation to fund DHS for three weeks is set to be voted on today, and Senate Democrats indicated they would agree to the measure, and predicted President Obama would sign it.
  3.   Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog in the U.S. for the 24th year in a row, according to the American Kennel Club’s annual list. The German Shepherd and Golden Retriever round out the top 3. Some dogs that moved up on this year’s list: the bulldog climbed one spot into fourth place, and the French bulldog moved into the top 10 for the first time in nearly 100 years.
  4. The Centers for Disease Control is concerned about an increase in the number of people contracting the potentially deadly bacteria C. difficile in doctors’ and dentists’ offices. The bacteria is usually found in hospitals, but a new study said people who hadn’t been in a hospital contracted the bacteria, and 82 percent of them had visited a doctor’s or dentist’s office in the weeks before getting sick.
  5.    Earl Lloyd, who was the first black player in the NBA, died at age 86. Lloyd made his NBA debut in 1950 for the Washington Capitals. The 6-foot-5 forward played for nine seasons with Washington, Syracuse and Detroit, helping the Syracuse Nationals win the 1955 NBA title.