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Get to Know Chris



Hi there! My name is Chris Duff. I would be the new kid on the block with WJBR; however, I already feel like I’m home! I’ve worked in radio for almost thirteen years now, and I truly LOVE what I do. Not many of us can say we get to talk and play music for a living, so I truly feel blessed! When I’m not on the air at WJBR, I really enjoy being outside. In fact, I recently just completed my tiki area (yes, my neighbors love me). I also really enjoy music and movies of all genres. Plus, my family and I also foster Jack Russell Terriers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Now, if I could only locate the on-off switch for these little bundles of joy. Thanks again for visiting my page, and please feel free to contact me anytime: through e-mail, twitter, or facebook.